Consulting rule #1: no surprises!

Consulting rule #1: no surprises!

As promised – in this video, I talk about consulting rule #1: no surprises.
If you are interested, I can share the slides that I show in the video, as well. Just hit me up in the comments!

How to add value in a client meeting as the junior in the room

This question came up on /r/consulting recently – let me paraphrase:

“As a young consultant, how do I manage to add value to a client meeting, even though my senior colleagues in the room are much more experienced?”

Here’s my answer:
This is not limited to the juniors – might as well happen to you after 5 years of experience when working with people more senior than you are. But there are things you can do that might help:

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Consultants’ “hacks” on collecting, absorbing and articulating information

This post is based on a question I answered on Quora. The original question was: “Do Management consultants have any good hacks for collecting, absorbing and articulating information?

Here goes my reply:

First of all: There are few “hacks” in the meaning of “shortcut”. Being a good management consultant ain’t easy. Every time you think you got it all down, you discover the next level of things to learn and master. I’m 10 years in, and this still happens regularly.

On collecting information:

  • Before capturing/interviewing/collecting, you need to think all the way through to the result and the presentation of the result.

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What is the right response to a bad recruiting inquiry?

Great headhunters have great searchers – the people who fill the funnel, do the initial screening, first contact and setting up of the first interview. But how do you deal with those who are not so great, and send you copy-paste job offers which do not fit your profile?

In general: Treat people well, so that your mum would be proud. But there are many shades of “well”. You want to keep the valuable contacts active and get rid of the rest in a cordial fashion.

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