I’ve been going through the subscription list of my feed reader today.  There are many blogs by consultants that I once subscribed to, but they all seam to be dead by now:

Consultingreality.com seems to have moved on to a land without blogging:







ConsultingQuest seems to have gone undercover:

Consultize.com has become a dead landing page with ads on it…

corporatewhore.blog.com is dead,

the ship of the Covert Consultant on blogspot has sunk long ago:

Getting Drunk in First Class resorted to short stories full of swearing and profanity, but nothing new there since 2010 either…

Consultingpulse.com has no pulse left, either:


Depressing, isn’t it? A lot of blog wasteland.


Which ACTIVE consulting blogs out there do you like to read? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to do a feature on the blogging consultants out there whose blogs are “alive and kicking”!


I am glad to be shaking the dust off the KillerConsultant these days –  so lets end on a more cheerful note! Something for all you Strategic Consultants out there, from OneFTE, one of the funniest business comics out there:

onefte.com comic - a strategy for mischief


Cheers everybody!