Tell you what: I might have been awfully silent on this blog for a while, but I sure haven’t been sitting around doing nothing… Oh no.
Last March, I made a move and went to work with SCHICKLER, a boutique consulting firm based in Hamburg, Germany. There, I am specializing on the media industry – newspaper publishers, TV and radio networks, and of course a lot of online business as well. Also, I am heading the Social Media practice, where we help our clients make strategic sense of all the buzz. (Views on this blog are still all my own – just thought I’d let you know, because the firm is swell and I like working there a lot!)

This has kept me quite busy for sure – but I still got a big heart for the KillerConsultant, and it is far from done. Oh no – as I see it, we are just getting started!

The first new thing is the (Killer) Consultants’ Manifesto. It is a draft, a first outline. It is not MECE. It is exaggerating. It is not politically correct. That is why it has been so much fun to write!

Have a look at version 0.1. Comment. Tell me what parts you agree with. Call me out on utter BS (it is in there, for sure!). I’m looking forward to refine this. Because really – apart from some bad jokes, prejudices and anecdotes – has the spirit of what we do really ever been covered on one page? See – we need a manifesto! 🙂