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Killer Consultant is a website for consultants who want to be the best they can and have a great time doing so (including having fun and balancing the profession with your own life). It is also a resource for prospective consultants to get a real world view of what life as a consultant in the early years really is all about.

My name is Florian Hollender, I run this site in my spare time.



I work for a consulting firm myself, striving every day to be a killer consultant. I don’t call dibs on knowing it all, but after 7 years as a management consultant, I have seen a lot, done a lot, learned a lot. This website got started at around the same time, because I figured that a good way to learn and live something is to pass it on to others.

Of course this is a two way street – I am looking forward to your feedback, opinions and viewpoints in the comments.


As this is a private project of mine, everything published on KillerConsultant.com does only represent my own opinion and has nothing to do with my employer.

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