Consulting rule #1: no surprises!

As promised – in this video, I talk about consulting rule #1: no surprises.
If you are interested, I can share the slides that I show in the video, as well. Just hit me up in the comments!

How to manage knowledge in a consulting firm

Whoever gets this question right, wins.

I am only slightly exaggerating. Of course, you need the best people. But your chances of being the best _firm_ are significantly dependent upon the way you manage their knowledge.

There is no way to sugarcoat this: managing knowledge in a consulting firm is fucking hard. See my first sentence.
Now let me share some insights with you:

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Why work with presentation designers?

This argument came up on /r/consulting recently (reddit, you know!) when discussing the need for presentation designers:

by the time you write up what you want in the slides to hand off, and the time you spend reviewing and tweaking (or writing up what needs tweaked), you’ll have spent as much time, if not more, had you just done it yourselves (Original thread)

Here’s what I have to say about this:

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